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Workout With CBD

Workout With CBD

Cannabinoids are known mostly for their feel-good effects, that’s why there’s been a surge of older adults and athletes using CBD products to aid in quick and effective workout recovery. It has become popular with wellness enthusiasts as an effective way to reduce pain and improve mobility in the body.
CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The body naturally produces its own endo-cannabinoids, that encourage responses like the “runner’s high.” The two work together in the body to balance energy, appetite, brain function and inflammation.
Here at CBD Thera we use hemp derived CBD oil because it has no psychoactive effects, unlike other CBD products that may contain significant amounts of THC.

CBD also increases the body’s production of AEA – anandamide, that the body naturally produces to relieve pain, inflammation and discomfort that can result from vigorous workouts. Inflammation of your muscles that comes from the stress of regular workouts can build up, causing muscle damage and pain.

Not only can CBD reduce chronic pain and inflammation, it does so without effecting heart rate or blood pressure. It can also:

• Be used in place of ibuprofen and other NSAIDS
• Improve physical performance
• Reduce pre-competitive stress
• Aid in routine exercise recovery

You can take it orally, or apply a CBD salve right on the sore area of the body. Some people prefer to take it the night before a workout, and then take it again after the workout for recovery.
How will it make you feel? It should simply make you feel good. You should feel energized during your workout and your stamina should improve all because CBD helps bring your body to its stress-free, less-inflamed homeostasis, or as some scientists like to call it, the “Goldilocks Zone,” where everything is just right.

When choosing a brand of CBD products, make sure you’re clear on its purity, what the ingredients are, and what type of testing they have done. CBD Thera is cannabinoid oil mixed with grapeseed oil as well as other essential oils, such as peppermint, lemon and orange, that are added to make the taste more enjoyable.The CBD hemp oil in CBD Thera is grown, distilled, mixed and bottled in the United States. Every batch is triple tested by leading US certified laboratories to certify that each bottle conforms to its labeling content.
For better workouts, stay hydrated, be sure to stretch, and make a daily dose of CBD a consistent part of your post-workout routine. Order your CBD products online from CBD Thera today.




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