A Melding of Visions

Mike Maloney launched CBD Thera late in 2015 with a simple plan, to deliver the highest quality products on the market. Over the past 5 years, mike and the CBD Thera team set exactly that foundation into place. They have cultivated a diverse line of some of the cleanest and best CBD tinctures, balms and other CBD formulas on the market today. We ensure all our ingredients are sourced from all natural, GMO free, and organic sources, because cleaner products make healthier people.

Although having highest quality products is essential, it’s not everything. Having the best products on the market only matters if people find out about those products and experience their benefits. And when people try the CBD Thera line of products, it works.. The key is maximizing the amount of people that try Thera products. In early 2019 Mike Maloney invited his friend Donald Barrett to a Providence Flower Show and the rest was history..