Best Opportunity, Built on a Foundation of Best Products

We have designed this opportunity to be the best and most realistic for achieving the American Dream today. Take part in The Great American Comeback with Thera for Life. With Thera for Life you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

TFL is a blend of 3 vital components
that make it such a unique opportunity.

1. Thera for Life has amazing products

Thanks to Founder / CEO Mike Maloney and his team, Thera for Life has amazing products that Positively Impact People’s Lives. Starting with the world class CBD Thera line of products as a foundation, TFL is on it’s way to having more than 100 different products, services and education programs in the next 2 years.

2. A People Helping People Network

We’ve launched a ground floor people helping people network allowing people to share in our success, by sharing our products with other people.

3. A One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity

The third component is the engine. By partnering with Direct Response Expert, Infomercial King Donald Barrett, and his team, Mike Maloney has made this opportunity one of a kind. CBD Thera, now Thera for Life is a brand new network, with a solid infrastructure of a 5-year-old proven business in place. Barrett and his team will be launching a series of new direct response initiatives to propel Thera for Life and it’s IBO’s businesses. A 20+ year veteran of the Direct Response industry, Barrett and his companies have been responsible for in excess of $2 Billion in total worldwide revenue. Thera For Life is currently in pre-launch and accepting new Independent Business Owners. The official launch date will be announced in the near future, depending on the current global situation.