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Is CBD Safe?

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CBD Thera is cannabinoid oil mixed with grapeseed oil as well as other essential oils, peppermint, lemon, and orange, are added to make the taste more enjoyable.

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My Veterinarian recommended we buy some CBD Thera for my 10 year old lab who has been developing arthritis. After just a couple of days she’s running around our yard like she is 3 years old again.

Best CBD brand I have come across, extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Their ordering process is easy and I get sent a tracking number for my shipment every time. CBD Thera is now my only choice!

Cameron S. - Providence, RI

My Anxiety is through the roof that I haven’t done anything besides go to work and come home in months, after doing some research I decided to try CBD Thera and I feel like a completely different person. Thank you for giving me my freedom back!

Jake A. – Portland

I have been unable to find anything that helps my daughter with her epilepsy until a friend in a support group I am in recommended that I try giving her some CBD Thera as she was doing for her son. Well she has been on it for 3 weeks now and has not had a single seizure. I am so happy that I was recommended to try it.

Alyssa C – Savannah, GA

I am a marathon runner and started taking CBD Thera about a year ago to help me recover during training. CBD Thera has sped up my recovery so much that I have been able to train a lot hard and this year was able to shave off 20 minutes compared to my time from last year. Would recommend to any athlete!

Carolyn V – Orlando, FL

I love your products. I have been using CBD from varying brands for several years but will not ever try a different brand now.

Susan D – Charleston, SC

CBD Thera is wonderful! Helped me find the relief I was looking for with my back pain.

Shawn T – Taunton, MA

Our son has had a drug problem for quite sometime and we were sick of putting him on suboxone or methadone which we feel just perpetuates the problem. After consulting a few doctors and other people going through the same thing a few of them brought up trying CBD to help with the withdrawals. After shopping a few brands we spoke with someone at CBD Thera who was knowledgeable on their product and exactly how it helps ( by blocking the opioid conductors in the brain ) and we bought a bottle to try. Our son reacted extremely well to it. Thank you!

Shelia M – Tulsa, NM

I have been taking CBD for 3 years for a few issues. I saw CBD Thera at an event in Boston so I decided to buy a bottle to try. I love the taste and feel like I am getting a stronger dose from a smaller concentration. After doing some digging I found out the company I had been buying from was using a cheap hemp extract and CBD Thera uses a full spectrum blend. And they’re all natural which is a huge plus for me.

Taylor H – Washington, DC

I got my Medical Marijuana card a few months back, but I do not like the feeling of being high. After consulting with my doctor he recommended that I try CBD Thera and said that it has all the benefits of medical marijuana but no THC meaning no high. I have severe joint pain and do not want any prescription drugs, so I liked the medical marijuana helping with that but once I heard that I would get the same benefits with CBD Thera but would not feel the psychoactive effects I had to try it. From what I’ve felt so far it is even better!

Don C – Salem, NH

My Mother’s arthritis was so bad that she was unable to play our weekly game of tennis anymore so after talking to a friend I bought CBD Thera’s pain balm and tincture for her. After a couple of days, she didn’t feel any more pain and had full motion back in her hands. Thank you SO much!

Chelsea S – Orange, CA

I suffer from PTSD and have barely been able to sleep for months, I tried your product for the first time about a month ago and have not stopped taking it since! CBD Thera has reduced my anxiety and helped me be able to have a full night’s sleep.

Tom R – Hartford, CT

My son has a sever form of epilepsy. Your products have cut his seizures down so much and we have been able to take him off of his prescription that we are able to go out as a family again!

Mike S. – Portland, ME

I have stage 2 Lung Cancer and CBD Thera has helped me deal with the Chemo treatments tremendously. The nausea has almost completely gone away and my body aches have has entirely dissipated. Thank you so much!

Janet D – Allston, MA